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We’ve provided you with this video to demonstrate the value of the Valve Hanger product.

In this demonstration, Man vs Flange Hanger we try to demonstrate the true value of the Valve Hanger. It can save you time, as well as to showcase the awkward positioning.

Valve Hanger Kit - Save 10%
Looking for more then 1 Valve Hanger? We offer the Valve Hanger in kit bundles – save 10%

As you all have heard before, the Flange Hanger product line is an innovative support tool with many positive benefits. The Flange Hanger’s can save you valuable time which equates to saving money on the job site (2 man job becomes 1). It can also help reduce pinch points and back injuries from awkward positioning when trying to lift and bolt up a flanged pipe.

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Custom Sizes

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We work with you to design a Flange Hanger support tool that meets your needs! Fill out our Custom Size Quote today!

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