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Does the Flange Hanger Make Sense?

The Flange Hanger Products are engineered and certified “game changing” tools/supports. They benefits any industry working with flanged pipe, valves or fittings. Workers completing flange bolt up will be able to do it safer and quicker.

With Flange Hangers in the hands of Millwrights and Pipe-Fitters in Plants, Tank Manufactures, Colleges, Maintenance and Construction Companies the feedback Is that using the Flange Hanger is a (No-Brainer) “Why hold the the Material”

Working at heights: is already a risk, then your asked to hold flanged material in place while someone install the bolts, or I am going to take the last bolt out get ready it’s going to drop! “Sounds safe”

When working with cranes and hoists: the operator is always thinking about the men working around the material he is holding or lifting. There are already risks here, Are the bolts binding, is the pipe going to drop or pop up, is someone going to get hit, are their hands going to get pinched or crushed. With the Flange Hanger installed, all bolts can be removed and the men can move away holding tag lines.

Working in confined or undesirable areas with supplied air: Ok, already a place most people never want to work in, but hold this awkward flanged material and try to breath normal while I remove or install the bolts. “Put the material on a Flange Hanger so both people can bolt it in place or remove it and then get out!”

Here are three everyday challenges many people go through, and there are many many more!

The Flange Hanger was created to reduce the risk of staining my body and my employees, I can say having a support at flanged connections just makes sense. Check out an article from blog writer Donald MacDonald from EWI Works as he discusses the benefits of the Flange Hanger– view blog post here.

I am looking for feedback and thoughts on how the Flange Hanger can help in situations like these and I need help introducing the Flange Hanger into different industries.


James Courtenay
President of Flange Hanger

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