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The Flange Hanger Helps Again

I have a question? After spending the time Designing, working with Engineers and in R&D to make a great new support tool for the workforce’s that handles flanged pipe, valves and fittings. Why do I have to hear it&#

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Why Use A Flange Hanger?

Why Use A Flange Hanger?

The tool was made to help people and prevent future injuries! People don’t think about the stress they are putting on there bodies when reaching and holding pipe and valves, until it is too late. I have had hernia and l

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Share the Flange Hanger

Do You Know About The Flange Hanger? There are a lot of people working with piping that risk there bodies each day because they don’t know about the Flange Hanger. There are a lot companies in many industries looking to

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Time is Money and Lets Be Safe!

The Flange Hanger is a engineered and certified “game changing” tool. It benefits any operation that works with flanged pipe, valves or fittings. Workers completing flange bolt up will be able to do it safer and quicker.

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How To Save Time & Big Money!

Cost Reduction Decrease cost associated with employee injury. Reduce man power by turning 2 or 3 man jobs into 1. Minimize chances of leaks from improper/uneven bolt up. Utilize the Flange Hanger to secure components to compl

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Efficiency And Safety All In One New Concept!

Hello Everyone, I am getting good feedback on the Flange Hanger.   Many companies I introduced the Flange Hanger to told me it should be implemented into the work force because it reduces injuries and helps people with

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