Worker Safety Comes First

The Flange Hanger support tools are engineered and certified to prevent common workplace injuries when working with material handling!

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The Flange Hanger can benefit any operation that has any flanged pipe, valves and fittings. With custom sizing available, no job is too big

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Ergonomics Chart
Safety is our Mission! We are working to reduce back injuries in the workplace caused by material handling.
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Stay informed about the Flange Hanger and see how you can install the Flange Hanger in 6 easy steps.

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Safety Is #1, Cost Reduction Is Another Bonus!

Safety Is #1, Cost Reduction Is Another Bonus!

Cost Reduction: Decrease cost associated with employee injury. Reduce man power by turning 2 or 3 man jobs into 1.…

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New Updates on the Custom Size Quote

New Updates on the Custom Size Quote

We’ve got some exciting new changes to our Custom Size Quote page! We understand that you may have custom sized…

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